So he proposed, I said yes (well hell yes). After calling everyone close to me to share my exciting news, blasting it over social media (like yes, I must show off my new shiny ring), I start planning the big day.

Fast forward (literally it felt like it) the big day was here.  I was fine no nerves, no emotions, just normal Jess leading up to the wedding day. Even when I woke up that morning I was still feeling fine until my phone rang, it was my makeup artist saying she had arrived. My stomach instantly felt so weird & I could literally feel my emotions in my chest. My nerves were peaking, I had this feeling going through my body that I had never felt before. I tried to ride this feeling out, but it stayed there. On the drive to the ceremony the feeling hit me even harder I literally could not hold back the tears, I was so happy – that happy I just kept crying.

I walked down the aisle crying but I didn’t have a care in the world I was about to marry my best friend, the love of my life.

The whole day is literally full of emotions, it’s such an exciting day & goes so quickly. It’s 6am wedding day morning then before you know it reception is over. Now that I sit here and look back over the day there are some personal tips and advice that I feel so privileged to give to any brides to be for the day of their wedding.


It’s a long day, be sure to eat.  Despite organising what looked like a very delicious platter to graze on while getting glamoured up, I didn’t touch as much as a carrot stick dipped in organic hummus.  I was so caught up in the excitement, I didn’t eat, and I didn’t even feel like eating. Maid of honours take note: force feed the bride to avoid her fainting or inhaling her wedding cake at 10pm thus creating some stubborn stains on the dress for the drycleaner to deal with. I may or may not be speaking from experience here.


And I don’t just mean champers, drink water! This one may be debatable as trying to get in & out of a wedding dress and its subsequent attire (shapewear, garters, tricky lingerie) is difficult at best. A long day of photos in the sunny Queensland outdoors with flowing alcoholic beverages is a great mix for ending up with a headache on your wedding night.


This tip is more for pre-ceremony. You are surrounded by people closest to you, you have chosen them to be a part of your day or bridal party.  Emotions are bound to be high and everyone can get a little overwhelmed, excited and determined to make your day perfect, bless their cotton socks.  You need to be able to tell your closest family and friends to please relax and chill out.


Turn your phone off. You do not need any added unnecessary stress, this is your day, you do you & don’t worry about anything else.  Hopefully everyone that you care about is with you celebrating so you don’t need to check Facebook for the latest.  This is also a suggestion for your guests, to ensure they are in the moment with you, not behind their screens acting like they’re the wedding photographer.


Embrace the inner diva in yourself and plan for a change of clothes and shoes. I know you intend on staying in your amazing wedding dress and those heels that you love, but 8 hours in and 10 champagnes later may lead to different intentions.  Reality is you may be craving a freshen up and to slip into something more comfortable to party the night away. The alternative could be dancing in dirty, blistered bare feet wearing a cake stained dress (see earlier tip number 1).  You’re better off being prepared and comfortable, or at least have the option, so you can enjoy the celebration.


No matter how well you plan your day, reality is something is not going to go to plan. Don’t let anything little get to you it’s not worth it, enjoy your day and make the most of it. If something is obvious to you that isn’t going to plan then tell one of your bridesmaids or Mum to sort it out. Let’s say one of the groomsmen is missing in action for the first dance, leaving the bridesmaid to slow romantic dance alone. Yeah not ideal but is that really going to affect anything? Look at the bigger picture if it’s not hurting anyone or will factor in to life 30 years down the track then just let it go.  At worst it will be a great laugh for years to come.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. Enjoy it in whatever unique way you want to.

Jessica Pearce