Kelly Jansen has worked at Magpies Sporting Club since 2012, her position as a Duty Manager was one of a lot of responsibility.  In July 2017 Kelly suffered a brain aneurysm, she was transported to Brisbane for treatment then spent many months in rehabilitation.  In 2019 Kelly returned to work at Magpies, marking a wonderful moment for Kelly, her friends and family and a huge milestone for the club.

The process of bringing Kelly back to work was not a process that happened over night.  It started off as a conversation about whether that was something that Kelly wanted, and then we worked with Community Solutions and Occupational Therapists.  Together with assessed Kelly’s specific and unique needs and adapted a role and technology to suit her specific and unique needs, making sure that Kelly was not only comforable but also indepdendent at work.  Kelly said ‘it’s really helped me to moving foward, having the support and the social aspect around me, it’s been great’

‘It was hard to imagine whether she would be able to come back to work at some point but it was always our intention to try to support her by getting her back to work as soon as she was ready’ said Alahna Hall, Human Resources Manager at Magpies Sporting Club.  ‘Watching an employee grow in confidence and be fulfilled by the work that they are doing is really rewarding for everyone involved and it’s been great for Kelly to have a cheer squad behind her every step of the way’.

Magpies employ people with disabilities and find it the to be one of the most positive things for our workplace and culture, it brings us all together as a team, it’s how you acheive a culture that resembles more of a family than a workplace.

Welcome Back Kelly