In the 2022 - 2023 financial year our Community contribution was:


1 Glenella Road, Glenella, Mackay QLD 4740 | (07) 49 656 100


Magpies Netball club is a strong amateur netball club based in Mackay.ย 

We have a focus on improving the netball skills of all our players and are one of the few netball club in Mackay with both Senior and Junior teams – offering a development pathway from NetSetGo to Premier League.


Magpies Netball Club
0404 203 477

Vice President Juniors
Phil Dreghorn
0407 632 630

Vice President Seniors
Jess Christie

Secretary and Grants/Sponsorship
Nadine Bellear
0414 566 548

Assistant Secretary
Emily Williams

Treasurer and Registrar
Becky O’Brien
0419 552 562

Assistant Treasurer
Stacey Guimelli

Coaching Coordinator

Umpiring Coordinator

Uniform Coordinator
Jodeine Davis

Sports Council Representative
Teresa Dreghorn

Social Media Officer
Melissa Pustkuchen

MNA Committee Members
Phil Dreghorn and Wendy Baynton

Raffles Coordinator
Leigh Ward and Tamara Griffiths

Disputes Officer
Nikki Hay


Magpies Mackay Magpies Sporting Club Mackay, Mackay


One of the ways that Magpies Sporting Club provide support for Magpies Netball Club is through a raffle program which enables the opportunity to raise much needed funds to assist them in reaching their goals. 6-7:30pm every Tuesday Magpies Netball Club sells raffle tickets throughout Magpies Sporting Club to win meat trays. We appreciate any support that you may be able to provide and all funds raised from the raffles go directly to Magpies Netball Club.


Celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th! Let's recognize the incredible achievements of women worldwide and the ongoing journey towards gender equality. Join us as we highlight the inspiring stories of the amazing women within the Magpies community...

OLIVA BELLEAR | Meet Olivia Bellear, a force to be reckoned with on and off the netball court. For four years, she graced the @MagpiesNetballMackay, embodying the spirit of teamwork and dedication. Unfortunately, a challenging injury forced her to step back from playing, but it couldn't dim her passion for the supportive environment that Magpies Netball fosters โ€“ a truly lovely bunch of girls who make the club feel like a second home.

Olivia found her greatest inspiration in her mum โ€“ a pillar of strength and a source of unwavering support. Turning adversity into an opportunity, Olivia's injury became a powerful lesson, revealing that netball isn't just about being on the court; it's about being part of a community. She learned to extract positivity from the negative and discovered alternate ways to contribute to the club she loves.

Last February, she secured a coveted spot in the Youth Advisory Group at @netballqueensland_, one of only ten representatives across the entire state, proudly standing as Mackay's sole ambassador. Her commitment to the sport extends beyond the game; Olivia played a crucial role in designing the Netball Indigenous uniform, a visual reminder honouring the traditional custodians of the land she plays on.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Olivia's message to all women echoes loud and clear: "Embrace challenges, find strength in adversity, and know that your contributions matter". 
#InternationalWomensDay #MagpiesNetball #NetballInspiration #WomenInSports #IndigenousWomen
This coming International Women's Day, is an occasion to applaud the accomplishments and impact of women. Today, we spotlight one of the remarkable women at Magpies.

WENDY BAYNTON | Wendy has been described as the heart and soul of @MagpiesNetballMackay. Her journey with the club began in 2008 when her twin daughters joined, and since then, she's become an integral part of the Magpies Netball community. For over four years, Wendy has proudly served as the club's President, helping to shape a culture that feels like a big, supportive family.

Wendy's commitment extends beyond the president's roleโ€”she's managed Junior Representative Teams and led the Whitsunday Regional Academy for an impressive four years. Her dedication to the sport is evident in her familiar face at netball events, where she engages with people from various clubs, fostering a sense of unity in the @MackayNetball community. 

Despite facing a personal battle with breast cancer in 2015, Wendy's determination and early diagnosis allowed her to overcome the challenge. Even during her illness, she maintained focus on the holistic well-being of players, emphasising the importance of health. Wendy's proactive leadership, integrity, and passion have garnered praise for the club, making Magpies Netball a standout in the community.

Inspired by motivational speaker @JulieCross, Wendy embodies the advice to "always bring your sparkle and strive to do your best." Balancing work and personal life, she emphasises the importance of enjoying life's simple pleasures, including her love for caravan trips and an annual game of indoor netball.

Wendy reflects on the resilience of women who paved the way and emphasises the need to work harder against domestic violence. Her advice to women: work hard, stay positive, be honest, reliable, and treat others with kindness. To young women, she urges staying true to oneself amid social media trends.

#InternationalWomensDay #MagpiesNetball #MackayNetball #WomenInSports
๐Ÿ We're so proud of @magpiesnetballmackay Indigenous dress for this years uniform.  Watch the story behind the dress that was designed by one of the clubs own players. 


Magpies Netball Club has been affiliated with Magpies Sporting Club since 1995. Vicki Dunbar and Teresa Dreghorn were looking to create a new netball club and approached a few places. Steve Jackson was working as the Sports Coordinator at the time and he took the time to sit with Vicki and Teresa to work out how Magpies Sporting Club could incorporate netball into their family. Nearly 25 years later Magpies Netball Club is still a proud affiliate of Magpies Sporting Club.


Magpies Sporting Club respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land, the Yuwi and Widi people, and we pay our respects to Elders past and present, and to the young emerging leaders.